Detail Process: The following is the process of E-LMO.

  • E-LMO (expedite LMO): The following is the process of bringing foreign workers under E-LMO (expedite LMO), also know as Pilot Project. E-LMO applies to BC and Alberta only. It takes less than a month to get approval or positive LMO. Without E-LMO, it will take about 8-10 weeks to get approval in BC and 5 months to get approval in Alberta.

  • Filling for E-LMO: If you are looking for an employee that falls under Pilot Project occupation list, we can file for Expedite LMO. To find out about E-LMO and if it falls under Pilot Project, please visit HRSDC for Pilot Project Occupation.

    To find out about the whole E-LMO process.

    This is a 2 steps process:

      First Step:
    • You need to apply to register your company to qualify for E-LMO. You can apply even before you interview/select candidates to make things faster. The following link has the form to apply for it. When ready, please sign, and mail or fax it to the address/fax given in the form.

      Along with the above form, you also need to send a copy of the business' remittance forms you received from the Canada Revenue Agency for the past 12 months (PD7A forms).

      These forms will be used to demonstrate whether you have been in business for 12 months and employed at least one worker. All the information provided will be kept strictly confidential by HRSDC (According to Service Canada). This process will take less than 2 weeks.

      second Step:
    • Apply for E-LMO with all information, including the information of foreign workers. This process will take about a week. To apply for E-LMO, you need to fill out the following forms, sign and send all documents to the address given in the form.

      - Application for E-LMO.

      - Occupation Profile Form. (When opening Occupation Profile Form, you need to click on your desired occupation and fill out the form). Occupation Profile Form also has the prevailing wages in your area.

      For part b) above, you can also apply online. To apply online, please follow the link below and look for the link called "Online Application for Expedite Labour Market Opinion" and fill out the application.
For detail information on how to bring foreign workers, please click Here.
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