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"It takes 5 days to get LMO approved by HRSDC/Service Canada in Alberta & British Columbia if you have pre-approved LMO".

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As of April 1, 2011 - for the foreseeable future, we are not providing foreign worker services. We do apology for any inconvenience that might cause this notice.

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Foreign Workers Management Services Team

Foreign Workers Management Services (FWMS) is a Canada based staffing company which specializes in recruiting skilled and semi-skilled workers for Canadian Employers from Asia, Europe, North/South America, and Middle East. We take care of every aspect of foreign manpower recruitment. We provide travel arrangements, and accommodation for foreign workers*. FWMS utilizes your company identity within the recruitment process - a valuable tool for driving a high level of visibility and creating the most qualified and talented pool of candidates to meet your current and future staffing needs.

FWMS is a company to have relationship with to full fill your staffing needs. We are dedicated to create an environment where clients and employees come together to form strong partnership based on trust, mutual respect and sound business practices.

Leadership Solution: The Right People in the Right Positions.

    FWMS understands the value of leadership.
    • We are dedicated to providing professional, comprehensive services to our clients while respecting both our client’s and their employee’s needs.
    • We specialize in supplying skilled labour to Canadian Companies that can not fill their staffing needs from the Canadian labour pool.
    • We understand and enjoy the challenge of recruiting executives with successful careers for new opportunities.
    • We believe that strategic relationship building is a mutual commitment.
    • We work with our clients and candidates to create value added solutions and to build lasting partnerships.
Foreign Workers Management Services takes the risk out of hiring. Whether full-time or part-time, temporary or permanent, experienced or entry-level professional; we find employees who fit your needs in skill, background, personality, and attitude - The people who will work for you!

Professional and Engineers Search:Each professional and high skilled people search is specific to your targeted needs. Our placement staffs are skilled in diverse and ethnic, visible minority human resource disciplines such as rules, human dignity and attitude interviewing. Our officials will provide guidance and advice throughout the entire process.

"Let us help to find the best Candidates for your business needs and growth"
FWMS delivers businesses best practice solutions that adapt to your company's specific needs to recruit, develop and retain top performers.
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You can E-mail at info@fwms.ca to request local workers from us. We have extensive resources to provide local foreign workers who are already in Canada.

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Foreign Workers Management Services is for you - so when you are planning to hire one or more foreign workers, we are committed to providing honest representation, excellence in personalized service, and will work hard to earn your trust as these are the corner stones of any business relationship.